The Admiral is wearing a Grey helmet in the back of the seats

The Admiral appears as a very intimidating man, He has brownish hair with long sideburns and a goatee.

Life He was not born but made by genetic material. He has the DNA of all of the superheroes and super villains, Allowing him to possess every superpower. He is known to have a dog named Marcus, Who also possesses most powers. His known enemies are Darth Revan and The Colonel, A superpowered superhuman from Dromund Kaas. He is arguably stronger than the Admiral but isn't as intelligent. He is the president of lego city. Admiral has also adopted the name Tim Rua and disguises himself as a Lego City News Reporter. But always wears his armor under his suit for precautionary reasons.

Appearance: He stands at 6 ft 9 and 250 pounds. He is around 40 years old but looks like a 20 year old. He is as strong as superman since he contains his DNA. He can run faster than flash and can also shoot lasers from his eyes. He can fly and teleport, read minds. And all other powers.

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